what is social listening ? why is it important? How to use it? best tools for it



Social listening is a concept, which follows the opinions of the public and customers of your brand.
 It is an essential element in research and the presentation of feedback from the public, that then take action based on it.

It’s as if you hear the opinion of a customer on your service or product.
 you take into account to make changes that are either sophisticated or come in a different from what you offer to satisfy the customer. your curiosity is raised to learn more opinions of other customers.

In order to benefit from the presentation of distinct and new ideas, proposed by the customers you seek to satisfy them, and thus you get more sales and profits.

 your marketing strategy depends on the most important element to complete which is the customer, and your marketing plan is to and from the customer themselves, i.e.,

you are dedicated in providing your service to the customer, this is called successful marketing.

Hence, we branch out to the concept of listening to social networking, which is a two-step process:

  • first is to track and monitor social media platforms that contain signs and conversations that mention your brand.
  • second is to analyze the results of the first step and get fresh new ideas and new opportunities in favor of your brand that’s profitability.


Social listening is a powerful way to help you collect new strategies that strengthen your business, and its importance lays in:

  • Promoting participation, strengthening the relationship and direct and indirect interaction between you and your customers.
    listening socially as a flexible path between you and your client.
    helps you control and define your marketing process based on your business opinion.
  • Reduce the chances of errors, undesirable results and crisis management.
    if you analyze the results of social listening, you will avoid problems and mistakes in your plan.
  • Increase likelihood of profits and sales, by applying social listening, the customer will find what they want in your service or product.
    which will result in purchases, hence making profits for you.
  • Increase customer confidence and high turnout, if you rely on social listening in your plan.
    you will gain the trust of your customers, and you will be famous for your dedicated services for your customers.
    which will increase demands from new customers, and give you a good reputation that benefits your brand.
  • Tracking competitors and other companies, with social listening.
    you will be able to see new opportunities, threats and competitive positions as they occur, and respond accordingly.


Aims to establish a successful marketing process based on strengthening the relationship between your business and your customer, and thus you must determine your goal.

so that you use social listening to focus on customer’s interest and care, market study and competitive analysis, marketing through influencers, creating valuable content, gaining a reputation for your brand, managing and resolving crises, and measuring and analyzing marketing campaigns and their impact.


If you have an early marketing plan, you won’t face any problem achieving your success.

there are some labels you can focus on to help you build an excellent social listening strategy in your marketing plan:

  • The keywords that customers are always looking for
  • Your brand name and the names you might be associated with
  • Product name or service and any word that may be written even with known spelling errors
  • Famous words and phrases in your service 
  • Competitors with the same brands, products or services as you.
  • The names of the team, led by the manager or spokesperson of your company or competing companies
  • Marketing campaigns and keywords
  • Labels or hashtags for your business, your company and competing companies
  • Common shortcuts 


You can follow your brand manually but it will take a long time and a lot of effort to reach the desired results, so there is a modern tool that saves you time and effort, Lucidya which is a tool Arabic pioneer in social listening, supported by artificial intelligence, to help companies improve their performance and marketing campaigns, design products of useful value.

finally build a strong relationships with their customers, and achieve more sales and profits, by monitoring and analyzing content in Both Arabic and English, and in local Arabic dialects, with a comprehensive list of the advantages of listening to social media.