Permanent client or new client? Which one do I get attention for?

Permanent Client or new Client? Which is thought-provoking?

Permanent Client or new Client?

Perhaps one of the most important marketing questions facing any digital marketer
answering such an example is “It’s more important for you, maintaining a permanent client or attracting a new customer?”

In fact this question needs some thought and focus without the slightest exaggeration.
let’s see the answer objectively in this article.

The task of attracting a new customer may be one of the pillars of the marketing process, especially for people and productive
Companies that are working on the issuance of promotional campaigns in order to attract a large number of customers of different types.

even modern companies that rely primarily on promotion and marketing, waiting to acquire a certain amount of sales and revenues.

As for permanent customers, it depends on the efficiency of the company and the results of achieving the service that determines
The satisfaction of customers and their aspiration for more, but this does not deny that the goals of customer service at the same time.

Regardless of type of customer, as it lies in the positive interaction between the customers and the company professionally and rationally and consistently.

Who is the customer that receives attention and priority? Permanent clients or new clients?


Apart from the fact that a permanent customer is only a new customer once in a while.
The stages of a potential client’s development into a new customer always depend on the beginnings.
How well you achieve the marketing process and attract customers intelligently.

Therefore, if you are targeting new customers to satisfy them by your services, you should focus on the initial stages.
To focus your attention on achieving customer satisfaction, gaining confidence and increasing their.
Desire to switch from a potential customer to a new customer.
with your services and products, leaving a significant impression on you and your business.

Fortunately, no matter how little the possibility of ensuring the customer, the purpose of customer service is the same.
which is to achieve profits and trust between both the company and the customer, moreover.

The new customer may become a permanent customer if he reaps his goals of the service.
received to the fullest and in a way that meets his needs and desires.

Not only that, but its attention is an effective motivation to build strong relationships based on trust.
Cooperation and participation between customers and the company.

You can also choose your new customer yourself, so that you can target the high value customer with low risks.
And the cost of acquiring new customers is expensive and is higher than others in customer services.
It needs time, effort and certain conditions to be applied to achieve these goals
with high quality and within outstanding efficiency.


The permanent client is the spoiled customer and preferred by most companies and sectors.
because they passed all stages and achieved all the organizational objectives.
sought by the company in the service of its customers.

May not need time, effort or conditions like other customers, because it has become an integral part of the inevitable marketing process.

The permanent client is represented in the guarantees preceded in terms of service of the company, and in return, the customer only expects continuity on the same approach.

and the willingness to benefit from other services provided by the company in the same style.

But can not be neglected it is an important source of the company’s income and does not require.
Many tasks other than to offer the service in the same way or higher added value.
To increase the confidence and perception of the customer.

Interest in a permanent client may be a priority for some companies or business activities.
It is a strong interface and example that makes their profits.

as well as they can give feedback on effectiveness and quality of the company.
So that the permanent client may be a verbal marketing element that acquisition new clients.

The verbal marketing you will receive from a permanent client, helps you gain a lot of new customers.
And encourages you to form many relationships on the same principle.
which becomes a strong reason to have other permanent customers.

Therefore, the permanent client can never be underestimated, especially since it does not require much.
only to present the new benefits and communicate with them while measuring their satisfaction with the company’s services.

In addition to the possibility of consulting them and taking their opinion as an important reference to strengthen.
The relationship between the client and the company, and to improve the available service as required.

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Accordingly, the criteria that determines the importance of each customer vary from service to service.
Companies and business activities aim to acquire all customers and offer all services.

To achieve their endeavors in the world of entrepreneurship.

since the customer is the most important element in the marketing process.
and is considered one of the most important reasons for the success of a company and its rise.

Attention to it must be the first priority of the company, whether it’s a new customer or permanent customer.

For each type of customer there is a special service and care, the new customer must receive attention and seek.
To be acquired and promoted to become a permanent customer.

while the permanent client, which is considered a source of support for the company and a successful marketing tool.

The interest in him is to give him a prestigious position in the company
as an expression of his desired achievements and great contribution.