Types of logos how to choose the right logo for your business



A logo is the main or primary address of any business, company or organization.
where companies are racing to design a types of logos.
That accurately expresses their identity to attract the attention of customers.
And make them remember the brand and distinguish them from millions of other brands.

First, let’s get to know the concept of the logo more broadly
Second, what types of logos are used by different brands.

concept of the logo

A logo is a text, shape or emoji indicating the nature of the brand, the main service, the commodity.
Or even the person or idea that the brand was found, to be presented to the public and customers.

Importance of logos

A good logo is the one that leaves an impression on the public about,
What brand it represents so that everyone who sees.
This logo can immediately bring this trademark into their mind and distinguish it from others.

  • So every business owner or company must design their trademark logo according to the highest standards of logo design.
  • But before that, we have to get to know and differentiate the different kinds of logos.

Kinds of logos

1- Iconic logo

This type of logo means the logo that represents any business in the form of a unique icon capable of linking the shape to the basic idea of the business in a very strong and distinctive way.

This type of logo is one of the most powerful logos that can be used by major brands around the world.
Such as Apple, Nike and Mercedes.

2. Text logo

The text logo is a logo that has been implemented in the form of written text, and not an icon.

Or a specific format to express the business in the form of text.
Many companies tend to use this type of logo because of its ease of implementation and low cost compared to other types of logos.
An example of this logo is Facebook and Coca-Cola.

3- Literal logo

This logo means the presence of one or a group of characters that make up the name of the company or brand, and companies usually use.

This type of logo when their name is long and difficult to remember and you design the logo using the initials of its name in a special and creative way to express it.

One of the companies that adopt this method is HP as its original name is Hewlett Packard.

4- Arabic calligraphy Logo

Most companies in the Arab world use Arabic calligraphy to design their logos in recognition of their original Arabic identity.

Adopting the design of these logos using various creative Arabic lines that are typography and appeal to the eye.

One of these companies is al-Arabiya satellite channel.

5- Animated logo

Animated logo is designed by certain animations, whether they are people’s drawings, products or services to express the brand’s idea or service.

One of the clearest examples of this type of logo is the one used by KFC Fast Food.

6- Dynamic Logo

Have you noticed at one point changing Google’s logo to reflect an event in the world or even carrying some candles on your birthday?

Of course, this type of logo is called the dynamic, variable logo because it changes in each period according to public events.

But with its change it retains its basic characteristics such as size and shape and an example of these logos is the company Google as mentioned.

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It now seems that you have recognized the importance of the logo for any activity or business as well as the different types of logos.

So you have to think before designing your company logo or project in a way to create a creative logo idea that expresses the project.

And communicate its message in an easy and understandable way that sticks in the minds of the masses.